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Mine rehabilitation & closure

Koolanooka iron ore mine, landscape rehabilitation. Image: EPA


The challenge: sustainable mining is a complex and rapidly evolving issue

Sustainable mining is a very complex issue for industry and governments across Australia and around the world.

Most community opposition to mining is focused on the long-term impacts of mining activity on the local environment. Expectations are evolving rapidly as communities become less inclined to provide mining companies with a social licence to operate. It is no longer sufficient for the resource sector to point to the economic benefits of a project to win over a community.

The resources sector urgently needs new, community-endorsed and economically viable solutions to mine site environmental management, rehabilitation and closure.

WABSI is enabling the development of sustainable mining through independent science

In order to support progressive rehabilitation and the development of ecological resilient post mining landscapes, the mining sector needs the development of cost effective and scalable strategies. It also needs tools for the restoration and reconstruction of WA ecosystems across varied landscapes and mining footprints.

Through developing research partnerships and bringing industry, researcher and regulators together, WABSI is enabling science to inform the development of more effective sustainable mining programs.

Program objectives:

  • Greater transparency and consistency in policy
  • Better environmental outcomes
  • Regulation underpinned by robust scientific and engineering evidence
  • Stronger and more trusted relationships across mining, government and communities

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