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We provide you with an easy, single point access to leading multi-disciplinary expertise

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Why work with us?

Our joint venture partnership with WA’s leading research organisations enables us to leverage our collective biodiversity expertise deliver world-class science that is robust and independent. This means that when you work with us, it provides you easy access to leading scientists and researchers from a range of biodiversity disciplines.

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Through collaboration and participation we deliver well-designed and cost effective research projects by connecting you to the right skills.

Better coordination means reducing research where information already exists. Better collaboration reduces time and cost, achieving project efficiencies.

Access leading scientific capabilities


We have a strong governance structure that ensures that the research we undertake is collaborative and is executed without bias. Our independent status enables us to provide you access to high quality scientific data that is fit for purpose, easily accessible and relevant. This can contribute to helping you make more informed policy and management decisions.

Access leading scientific capabilities


We can help you achieve a greater level of certainty about completion and restoration obligations. Working with us means that high quality science can help you make sound, transparent decisions to boost community confidence about your ability to conduct enterprise without damaging important environmental values. This also means that you can adequately manage risks associated with the approvals process, as well as to cost-effectively manage environmental monitoring and management commitments.

Access leading scientific capabilities


Our collaborative research programs are underpinned by big picture thinking so we can deliver specific and local solutions to assist you in making better land use decisions.

We can help you boost public confidence in decision making whilst protecting conservation values that support sustainable economic development, tourism and the creation of jobs in Western Australia.

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We are funded and supported by government as well as a range of private organisations. As an independent institute, we have strong partnerships with industry and lead associations in Western Australia as well as research connections nationally and internationally. This means that a working relationship with us will add credibility to your research endeavours.

Access leading scientific capabilities


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