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Biodiversity knowledge priorities for the next decade

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WABSI is globally informed, locally relevant and end user led

Our 10-year vision, as set out in the WABSI Strategic Plan 2022-2032, demonstrates our commitment to being end user led and to respond to emerging issues and key biodiversity science questions.
We consult on a regular basis with industry, government, regulators, science researchers and the community on current and emerging issues and biodiversity science knowledge needs.

In early 2022, WABSI undertook extensive consultation with more than 50 end users across industry, financial services organisations, government, conservation groups, non-profits, scientists and researchers.

The consultation identified several emerging, strategic, biodiversity knowledge priorities – large, complex issues which can only be addressed through collaboration.

End user biodiversity knowledge priorities for the next decade

  • Measuring biodiversity
  • Carbon and biodiversity values
  • Biodiversity data and cumulative impact
  • Incorporating traditional knowledge and values into biodiversity conservation
  • Restoration
  • Climate adaption and resilience
  • Mitigating the impact on biodiversity from key threats
  • Urban forest and biodiversity

More information

The WABSI publication Biodiversity Knowledge Priorities: Emerging themes from stakeholder consultation (link below) provides more information on the themes identified during stakeholder consultation.

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