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Acceptable rates of erosion

Tom Price. Image: C Suchodolski

PROGRAM: Mine rehabilitation and closure

Acceptable rates of erosion

A major concern for mining companies and regulators is the rehabilitation of waste landforms on mine sites. They need to be safe, stable, and sustainable in the long term thus the rates of erosion of waste landforms must be constrained to “acceptable” levels.

The objective of this project is to develop a risk-based framework that will assist mining companies to determine an acceptable long-term erosion rate based on site conditions.

Supporting development of rehabilitation targets

WABSI’s research plan recognises landform stability and erosion management as a priority area for commissioned research.

The role of WABSI in this project

WABSI works closely with the Pilbara Rehabilitation Group that initiated this project.

We help engage with stakeholders and support the delivery of independent science that will help address key knowledge gaps in rehabilitation in the Pilbara.

Project partners

The project is being delivered by Landloch Pty Ltd in partnership with BHP, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Roy Hill and Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.


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