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Building biodiversity for thriving urban ecosystems – Theme: Conserve

Addressing research priorities

Would you like to undertake high-impact research that really makes a difference? WABSI consults extensively with end users and stakeholders to identify priority biodiversity science knowledge needs. This helps us develop timely and relevant programs that address critical needs and have a strong pathway to adoption.

Working with WABSI, and aligning your project to address key end user priorities, will help you maximise project funding opportunities and the impact of your research. We invite you to submit a project abstract. (Please demonstrate a clear alignment with one or more priority knowledge gaps.)

Theme 1 – CONSERVE

Theme 1 / Focus area 1 – REMNANT VEGETATION

Existing natural
areas thrive and
are abundant
with native flora
and fauna

Prevent loss of existing natural
areas in the Perth metropolitan
area, peri-urban and regional
urban areas
Enhance tree canopy cover in
urban areas
Target areas that benefit most
from biodiversity enhancement
Practice optimal management of
existing urban natural areas

What parts of the urban
landscape/remnant habitats will
benefit most from targeted urban
biodiversity enhancement (Ranking: Top)

How to prevent loss of canopy
cover on residential land (Ranking: Top)

How to reduce loss of important
conservation areas due to
shrinking coastal reserves (Ranking: Medium)

How to manage the understory in
urban forests (Ranking: Medium)

How to introduce cultural burning
practices in urban areas (Ranking: Medium)

What is the optimal fire risk
mitigation regime for urban
bushland (Ranking: High)

What is the impact of fire regimes
on the urban environment
(erosion, weeds, water quality, wetlands)
(Ranking: Medium)

Theme 1 / Focus area 2 – NATIVE FAUNA

density in urban
areas provides
optimal benefits
to biodiversity

Establish sustainable herbivore
populations in urban areas

How to manage herbivore
density (including reintroduction
and culling) to optimise
vegetation cover
(Ranking: Medium)

How to appropriately manage
large vertebrates (Ranking: Low)

How to manage human versus
wildlife conflicts (Ranking: Low)

More information: Building biodiversity for thriving urban ecosystems

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