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Program and project development


We drive collaboration: We enable collaboration by bringing together industry, government, science researchers and the community to identify biodiversity science issues and priorities of end users.

We develop strategic programs of work that address large, complex issues and close research knowledge gaps thus enhancing knowledge, lifting certainty and enabling better management decisions.

The program development process is shown in the diagram below:

  • Ongoing engagement with end users gives us a deep understanding of the complex biodiversity science issues that face industry, government and community.
  • We bring together expertise from across sectors for a series of consultations to help identify science knowledge gaps and set research priorities.
  • A program plan is developed and published. It sets out clear objectives, focus areas for research and the outcomes sought for end users.
  • Program governance is established to ensure a coordinated effort: A working group or steering committee helps attract investment partners and guides a coordinated research effort.


  • Aligned research projects are implemented and driven by the program’s governance body and undertaken by a project team that pulls in the best science expertise from across WABSI’s joint venture partners.
  • Projects deliver real world outcomes that benefit industry, government and community, and leave a legacy for Western Australia.


  • We lead stakeholder consultation, program development and implementation.
  • We support the program governance body through ongoing communication efforts that enable the dissemination of research outputs and the facilitation of research uptake by end users.

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