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Restoration Economy

Credit: Willem van Aken

Developing a Western Australian restoration economy – Supporting jobs, growth and environmental stewardship

The restoration economy is the market that encapsulates businesses, investors and consumers engaging in economic activity related to rehabilitation and restoration.

WABSI is leading the production of a state level framework for restoration investment to facilitate an economic environment that will help attract private sector investment and innovation into Western Australia, to develop products and services that help support land restoration activities.

WABSI is building an understanding of capacity, to identify the knowledge and technology required to fill demand in an emerging environmental service marketplace. Economic prospects can then be built to support jobs and growth for local economies while delivering environmental stewardship.

Leading a strategic approach – informed by end users and stakeholders

WABSI has assembled a multi-disciplinary team comprising scientists from its partner organisations, with active participation from industry, government, non-profits and community to help facilitate the restoration economy.

We continue to engage with stakeholders and end users to develop a scope for the restoration economy.

More information

Download the report: The Restoration Economy: A roadmap towards a sustainable industry with better environmental outcomes


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