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Marri tree Corymbia calophylla. Image: D Blumer, BGPA

Independent science

Our strong partnerships with industry and research bodies help us deliver world-class science through projects that leverage collective biodiversity knowledge and expertise.

By taking a strategic approach, we reduce duplication of research where scientific information already exists and better focus efforts to build cost and time efficient projects that address knowledge gaps.

Collaborative projects

Acceptable Rates of Erosion

A review of mine closure rehabilitation condition setting in WA

Banded Ironstone Formation – Rehabilitation and Biodiversity Value Synthesis

Building resilience to change for mammals in a multi-use landscape

Bringing Them Back

Capturing monitoring data: resilience to change

Completion Criteria and Risk Based Monitoring


Digitially Transforming Environmental Impact Assessment

eFlora of Western Australia

Experimental Plantings

Index of Biodiversity Surveys for Assessments

Rehabilitating Roe 8 Science Hub

Remote sensing of native vegetation extent and condition

Survey and sampling protocols subterranean fauna

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