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Building biodiversity for thriving urban ecosystems – Theme: Equip

Addressing research priorities

Would you like to undertake high-impact research that really makes a difference? WABSI consults extensively with end users and stakeholders to identify priority biodiversity science knowledge needs. This helps us develop timely and relevant programs that address critical needs and have a strong pathway to adoption.

Working with WABSI, and aligning your project to address key end user priorities, will help you maximise project funding opportunities and the impact of your research. We invite you to submit a project abstract. (Please demonstrate a clear alignment with one or more priority knowledge gaps.)

Theme 4 – EQUIP

Theme 4 / Focus area 7 – DECISION-MAKING TOOLS

End-users make
decisions about
resilience based
on robust and
scientific data
and information

Devise and synthesise existing
information on biodiversity
enhancement, e.g. retaining/
increasing tree canopy in urban

How to address the lack of
information on co-benefits
of trees in urban areas
(biodiversity, health and wellbeing,
heat island effect, carbon
(Ranking: High)

Research on height and root
depth and spread to enable
informed decision-making for
tree asset management
(Ranking: Medium)

Develop a triage process to
inform decision-making on which
biodiversity elements to protect
(Ranking: Medium)

Theme 4 / Focus area 8 – VALUE OF ECOSYSTEM SERVICES

Cultural and
knowledge is
used for the
management of
urban green and
blue spaces

Increase community awareness
of the benefits of ecosystem
services and a thriving urban
Include cultural values
and knowledge systems in
ecosystem management

How can increased community
connection to and appreciation
of urban ecosystems help
enhance biodiversity resilience
(social research on the health,
economic, social and cultural
values of retaining urban
(Ranking: Medium)

How to increase understanding
of traditional ecological
knowledge and Aboriginal
values associated with
environmental management
(Ranking: Medium)

How to raise awareness of
biodiversity resilience when
it comes to climate change
(Ranking: Medium)

What is the impact of fire
regimes on the urban bushland
(Ranking: Medium)

How to quantify the value/
resilience/viability of very small
remnants of urban bushland
(Ranking: High)

More information: Building biodiversity in thriving urban ecosystems

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