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Credit: J. Lochman, St Andrew Island


Bring industry, government and community together to enable relevant research that meets real needs.

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Credit: L. Gibson, Bungarra


As science research brokers we enable strategic partnerships to enhance biodiversity knowledge.

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Credit: J. Lochman, Numbats


Deliver quality, independent, scientific information that allows more effective decisions to be made.

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Credit: A. Sparrow, near Eneabba


Contribute to a better balance between economic development and conservation.

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As a science research broker, we enable strategic partnerships between industry, government, community and researchers to enhance scientific knowledge and improve biodiversity outcomes in Western Australia.


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@_WABSI 19 Oct'20

Delighted at the opportunity for our new CEO, Prof @OwenNevin to meet with Minister Dawson @DawsoMLC and discuss WA… https://t.co/NUG4IUK0IE

@_WABSI 16 Oct'20

Brilliant presentations today at UWA @BiolSci_UWA on the impact of WABSI strategic research programs through cross… https://t.co/fDMwMLpJPi

@OwenNevin 13 Oct'20

RT @OwenNevin: Another nice paper by our @_WABSI #PhD scholarship holder Bronte Van Helden and colleagues @UWAAlbanyCentre and @Science_D…

@_WABSI 13 Oct'20

Enhancing access to #biodiversity information for easy access & improved decision-making #EIA… https://t.co/tEHfq5MHV1

Dr Tom Hatton, Chairman, Environmental Protection Authority

One of our challenges is formulating advice with limited available information. Our participation in WABSI means supporting science collaborations to help build valuable networks of environmental knowledge as well as access to critical biodiversity information required for informed decision making.

Kerry Sanderson AC, Ex-Governor of Western Australia

While a lot of effort is being expended to protect the State’s world-renowned native plants and animals, we need to do more. Having the community and business become key partners as well as advocates, means it is a challenge I feel confident we can meet. We’re very supportive of WABSI helping us better understand biodiversity across our State and building a shared resource. It will mean that our conservation areas continue as part of our heritage and contribute to our quality of life.

Stephen Dawson MLC, Minister for Environment

It is crucial for us to better understand our rich and unique biodiversity through accurate scientific knowledge and good collaboration. The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute is a focal point for skills and knowledge to be shared and help define the State’s research priorities to ensure that scientific information meets the dynamic needs of industry.

Colin Barnett, Ex-Premier of Western Australia

Science is crucial to ensuring our rich and unique biodiversity assets are here for future generations to enjoy. At the same time, the main drivers of our economy - mineral exploration and processing, broadacre agriculture and tourism - intersect with the State's biodiversity, as does urban development.

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