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Hakea orthyrrhyncha. Image: Belinda Davis


We bring industry, government, community and researchers together to address biodiversity knowledge gaps.

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Shay Gap, Pilbara. Image: Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions


We enable relevant and timely research that addresses end user knowledge needs and delivers real world outcomes.

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Emu with chicks. Image: Judy Dunlop


We enhance access to biodiversity information to help lift certainty and enable more informed management decisions.

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The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) is an independent, collaboration mechanism. We facilitate end user driven, relevant research to create opportunities for meaningful change in biodiversity conservation and enable sustainable development.


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We work with end users to create meaningful opportunities for #biodiversity #conservation. Find out more about the…

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Gavin Price, Head of Environment, BHP

Industry needs relevant and high quality biodiversity research to help address key challenges and deliver greater certainty for investments. WABSI's Research Priorities Plan facilitates critical research and enables efficient access to information, assisting us to better manage impacts and make decisions with more certainty whilst advancing societal knowledge of WA's unique biodiversity.

Dr Blair Parsons, Greening Australia

WABSI research programs bring research expertise together to build and share scientific knowledge. It will not only help inform our conservation and restoration work but will also enable community to achieve more effective environmental outcomes through incorporating the values and perspectives of diverse stakeholders.

Professor Peter Klinken, AC, Chief Scientist of Western Australia

The WABSI Research Priorities Plan contributes greatly towards building scientific knowledge as a critical asset for Western Australia. High quality information that is relevant and easily accessible helps attract investment, encourage innovation and delivers benefits for years to come.

Dr Tom Hatton, Ex-Chairman, Environmental Protection Authority

One of our challenges is formulating advice with limited available information. Participation in WABSI research programs means supporting science collaborations to help build valuable networks of environmental knowledge as well as access to critical biodiversity information required for informed decision making.

Kerry Sanderson AC, Ex-Governor of Western Australia

While a lot of effort is being expended to protect the State’s world-renowned native plants and animals, we need to do more. Having the community and business become key partners as well as advocates, means it is a challenge I feel confident we can meet. We’re very supportive of WABSI helping us better understand biodiversity across our State and building a shared resource. It will mean that our conservation areas continue as part of our heritage and contribute to our quality of life.

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