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Social licence and value proposition

Credit: J Dunlop

Increasing knowledge to mitigate cat impacts on biodiversity: Research Program Focal Area 1 – Social licence and value proposition

Addressing research priorities

Would you like to undertake high-impact research that really makes a difference? WABSI consults extensively with end users and stakeholders to identify priority biodiversity science knowledge needs. This helps us develop timely and relevant programs that address critical needs and have a strong pathway to adoption.

Developing projects that address key end user priorities can help maximise project funding opportunities and will lift the impact of your research.

To work with the WABSI collaboration of partners in addressing priority issues, submit a project abstract(Please demonstrate a clear alignment with one or more priority knowledge gaps.)

Focal Area 1 – Social licence and value proposition

Broad acceptance of cat management approaches and their justification, leading to more
effective contributions by the public and stakeholder groups in cat management

Evidence-based information to support links between feral, semi-domestic and domestic cats
underpins social licence and public acceptance of the importance of responsible pet ownership

Improved understanding of the significance of cats to Indigenous communities and land

Increased awareness of the impact of cat predation on native fauna, including incorporating the
welfare of native animals preyed upon by cats into the assessment of feral cat management

An improved understanding of the economics of feral cat management, taking into account
variation in control methods, landscape context and impact variability, and financial impact on
Determine how to address and manage the issues that impede the widespread acceptance of cat
control, including definitions and control targets, the lack of awareness of cat predation impacts
on native fauna, and the lack of awareness of the health impacts of cat-vectored diseases

Assess the value and impacts of cats to Indigenous culture, and the role of the Indigenous
community in cat management

Determine the current extent of social licence to support current and emerging methods to
control feral cats in Western Australia and then either secure and maintain it or develop and
maintain it

Achieve a clearer value proposition via a cost-benefit analysis of different control methods that
examines efficiency, effectiveness and animal welfare

1. Improving community understanding and involvement

2. Social licence to support existing and novel control

3. Economics of cat management and control

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