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CRC: Resource sector environmental management

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Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Resource Sector Environmental Management: a need for new solutions

The CRC for Resource Sector Environmental Management (CRC-RSEM) is an initiative to transform environmental stewardship and next use outcomes across the mining industry and hence rebuild its relationship with the community.

CRC-RSEM will seek to ensure realistic and achievable rehabilitation that is both cost effective to industry but meets the standards demanded by the community and government. This will ensure that mining and its supplying mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies can thrive and grow as attractive industries in Australia, while providing an opportunity to provide global leadership and export demand for the METS sector.

The CRC-RSEM bid team has consulted widely to gain deeper insights into the challenges that the industry and its host communities face. These include: improving operational efficiency over the life of a mine, lifting productivity through multiple value streams, addressing closure and relinquishment for new mining operations, ensuring that the legacy of mining builds social license and capturing a growing opportunity for future demand for rehabilitation .

The CRC-RSEM seeks to focus on addressing these challenges through targeted research areas. The outputs will be relevant across mining life cycles, across geographic locations and will recognise the diversity of mining in Australia.

A clear focus research focus

1. Better policy and strong community engagement
2. Intelligent and integrated data for better decisions
3. Increased profit and reduced cost from waste materials
4. Technologies for risk-based, progressive rehabilitation


WABSI is a key participant and is helping to bring participants together to share their challenges so that the CRC-RSEM can better support the whole industry.

The bid is co-lead by Dr Guy Boggs, Program Director at WABSI. Professor Ravi Naidu, leader of the bid team is the Director of Global Centre for Environmental Remediation at the University of Newcastle and is the Managing Director of the CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC Care).

The bid is jointly facilitated by the University of Newcastle, NSW Department of Planning and Environment, CRC CARE, WABSI and several universities including the University of Queensland.

Why participate?

Benefits of participation include:

• Lower cost of capital
• Better protection of reputation
• New METS opportunities for a global market in mine site restoration
• Leveraged funding for technology development
• Eligibility for research and development tax credits (seek independent advice on your organisation’s eligibility)
• Creating future leaders and talent
• More cost effective solutions to mine closure
• Greater certainty around mine relinquishment
• Regional economic development
• Stronger and more trusted relationships within the industry

Want to get involved?

We invite you to participate in a collaborative WABSI project.

Contact us to see how we can help.

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