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Capturing monitoring data for subterranean fauna

View from Mt Meharry. Credit: S Dillon

PROGRAM: Subterranean fauna

Capture of monitoring data to inform resilience to change

When considered in conjunction with WABSI’s other subterranean fauna projects, the collation of monitoring data can help improve our understanding of the resilience of subterranean fauna to disturbance.

Where the Environmental Protection Agency concludes there are significant impacts to subterranean fauna as the result of a development, conditions are likely to be imposed through the Ministerial Statement to reduce or mitigate these impacts. These may include requirements to implement a management plan which incorporates ongoing monitoring.

This project will query the monitoring data collected as a component of a subterranean fauna management plan to better understand potential impacts of mining. It may also inform future monitoring programs to specifically target knowledge gaps.

This project is a first step towards addressing focus area 4 in the subterranean fauna research program: improved understanding of resilience to disturbance to inform mitigation strategies.

Project partners

BHP, Cameco, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Fortescue Metals Group, Rio Tinto Iron Ore and WABSI.


We seek industry partners that want to invest in leading research that will deliver real world outcomes, increase knowledge and help lift certainty to enable more informed management decisions.

We also invite academic institutions and others to engage with this program.

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