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Updates December 10, 2018

Final phase of Completion Criteria project

The Completion Criteria & Monitoring Framework received broad support and valuable feedback from stakeholders at a forum last month, with strong interest being received from users in WA and other states. The final report is scheduled for release in early 2019 and will present the framework and foundational work including a review of relevant literature…

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Updates July 2, 2018

Inviting submissions: Completion Criteria and Risk Based Monitoring project

Inviting submissions for consideration The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) is leading the Completion Criteria and Risk Based Monitoring project that addresses key priorities expressed by industry and government on issues relating to mine site closure. The project is now undertaking an independent science review to determine the current state of knowledge and is…

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Updates May 12, 2018

Helping resource sector meet regulator and community expectations

The CRC for Resource Sector Environmental Management is an initiative designed to help the resources sector meet regulator and community expectations for better environmental management with a focus on mine site closures, rehabilitation and relinquishment. Some of the challenges the CRC would address include high cost and policy uncertainty relating to mine site closure, inconsistent…

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Updates March 28, 2018

Congratulations Bronte Van Helden!

UWA Albany student announced as scholarship winner Bronte Van Helden from The University of Western Australia has been awarded a prestigious PhD top up scholarship from The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute. Over the next three years, Bronte, based in Albany at UWA’s Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management (CENRM), will provide critical information about…

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Updates November 28, 2017

Shedding new light on subterranean fauna

    Western Australia’s Pilbara and Yilgarn regions are two areas that are rich in organisms broadly classified as subterranean fauna. These species occur in either the groundwater (stygofauna) or above the water table in caves and voids (troglofauna). This highly diverse fauna are a key consideration in many environmental assessments in Western Australia. However,…

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Winner of 2018 WABSI scholarship

UWA researcher Bronte Van Helden has been announced as the winner of the WABSI 2018 scholarship. Driven by the needs of end users, Bronte’s research will have important management applications and will assist with urban planning and conservation of animal wildlife such as western ringtail possums and quendas in urban landscapes. Urbanisation is widely recognised as…

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Tapping the power of science to help restore mine sites

At a recent workshop, WABSI helped participants to explore the possibility of establishing a Centre for Research Collaboration (CRC) that, if established, would address knowledge gaps and the critical challenges involved in mine site restoration across Australia. There is a real need to develop best practice solutions that provide not only a good environmental outcome…

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Updates November 21, 2017

WABSI welcomes new board members

We would like to congratulate new board members Dr Ben Miller, Director of Science at Kings Park and Shirley McPherson, Business Development Manager at AFL SportsReady. Dr Miller is a plant ecologist who has worked on diverse research projects extensively around the world and Ms McPherson is an experienced Aboriginal leader who brings accounting and governance…

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Updates September 28, 2017

Murdoch University with Kings Park Science, South 32 and WABSI: top up scholarship

Restoration and resilience: Community re-assembly under climate change and increased fire Murdoch University with Kings Park Science, South32 and WA Biodiversity Science Institute There is an opportunity to undertake a PhD at Murdoch University investigating mine site restoration resilience to reduced rainfall and fire, with the support of Kings Park Science, South32 and WABSI. The…

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Updates September 14, 2017

South-West agricultural land: how do we achieve at-scale restoration?

Key industry stakeholders gathered at Muresk this month for a workshop run by WABSI. They identified key issues of restoration around agricultural landscapes in the South-West that have been cleared for agriculture. Next steps agreed were to: • Develop a shared vision for an appropriate target for at-scale restoration in the South-West. • Identify research…

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