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May 12, 2018

Helping resource sector meet regulator and community expectations

The CRC for Resource Sector Environmental Management is an initiative designed to help the resources sector meet regulator and community expectations for better environmental management with a focus on mine site closures, rehabilitation and relinquishment.

Some of the challenges the CRC would address include high cost and policy uncertainty relating to mine site closure, inconsistent definition of appropriate final land form and completion criteria, as well as post-closure land-use conflicts and net benefit assessments. The CRC would also address challenges of potential high costs and the risks of treating legacy mine sites.

As a member of the bid team, WABSI’s role is to identify end user needs and ensure that it helps drive research priorities to optimise net benefits.

This includes biodiversity outcomes from mine closure and relinquishment and the rehabilitation of legacy mine sites. WABSI is helping to forge greater collaboration between industry, community, researchers and regulators.

A CRC would provide scientific rigour and a stable long term program to help address sustainable mining challenges. It would also develop opportunities for the transition from mining activity to the next land use.

The bid has generated a high level of interest and support nationally. A stage 1 bid is likely to be prepared for the 20th Selection Round due mid-2018.

WABSI invites expressions of interest. For more information, contact Dr Guy Boggs, Program Director, Restoration and ex-situ Conservation at

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