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Updates September 25, 2019

CRC-TiME progresses to stage 2

Bid is now shortlisted for stage 2 Submissions for the next stage are due in four weeks Final outcome of the CRC will be announced in December 2019 The proposed CRC for Transformation in Mining Economies (CRC-TiME) will drive transformational change and enable regions and communities to transition to a prosperous and sustainable post mine…

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Projects July 9, 2019

Bid for a CRC for mine closure: Stage 1 submitted

Stage 1 application submitted. All submissions will now be assessed by the CRC Advisory Committee. Stage 1 outcome will be announced in September 2019 Successful mine closure and relinquishment is a complex and expensive process; liabilities can amount to billions of dollars, in addition to other economic and social costs that are borne by industry,…

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Updates December 10, 2018

Taskforce report: Make environmental data more accessible

WABSI was instrumental this year in helping to establish the Index of Biodiversity Surveys for Assessment (IBSA) that will capture $38m worth of environmental data each year in Western Australia. A Resources 2030 Taskforce report, released in September 2018, highlights WABSI’s role in making environmental data more accessible and enable its value and use to…

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Final phase of Completion Criteria project

The Completion Criteria & Monitoring Framework received broad support and valuable feedback from stakeholders at a forum last month, with strong interest being received from users in WA and other states. The final report is scheduled for release in early 2019 and will present the framework and foundational work including a review of relevant literature…

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Program steering subterranean fauna research

With a Steering Committee chaired by Dr Lesley Gibson now in place, WABSI’s Subterranean Fauna program of work is underway and addresses key focus areas that were identified by end-users. The program encourages complementarity and collaboration, rather than duplication of research effort, with expertise and contribution from multiple disciplines. Since the knowledge gaps and issues…

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News May 14, 2018

The WA Feral Cat Symposium 31 May

“The Australian feral cat population fluctuates between 1.4 to 5.6 million, and cats kill more than 1 million birds, more than 1 million reptiles, and more than 1 million mammals in Australia every day.” Professor John Woinarski, Charles Darwin University The Feral Cat Symposium in Mandurah on the 31st May at the Mandurah Performing Arts…

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Updates May 12, 2018

Helping resource sector meet regulator and community expectations

The CRC for Resource Sector Environmental Management is an initiative designed to help the resources sector meet regulator and community expectations for better environmental management with a focus on mine site closures, rehabilitation and relinquishment. Some of the challenges the CRC would address include high cost and policy uncertainty relating to mine site closure, inconsistent…

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News December 4, 2017

Bee-ing sustainable

The bee industry in Western Australia relies on the presence of native flora in the Southwest Australian floristic region and access to flowering plants for pollination to produce honey and related bee products. However, vegetation here is under pressure from urban and agricultural expansion, forest disease such as Phytophthora, rising temperatures and a continued decline…

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News November 28, 2017

Mine site closure: addressing the environmental challenges 

WABSI has helped enable a new project to develop site‐specific completion criteria for projects that require mine site rehabilitation. The W.A. Completion Criteria and Risk Based Monitoring Project will deliver an independent science review and framework that will be informed by industry consultation, leading research scientists and practitioners. The project will analyse state, national and international…

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Updates September 14, 2017

South-West agricultural land: how do we achieve at-scale restoration?

Key industry stakeholders gathered at Muresk this month for a workshop run by WABSI. They identified key issues of restoration around agricultural landscapes in the South-West that have been cleared for agriculture. Next steps agreed were to: • Develop a shared vision for an appropriate target for at-scale restoration in the South-West. • Identify research…

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