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Updates March 13, 2020

WABSI helps secure $30M for sustainable mine closure

The Western Australian Science Institute (WABSI) has played the leading role in securing Commonwealth research funds into Western Australia to help address the global issue of mine closure and to develop new economic opportunities for communities, post-mining. Working with Western Australia’s mining industry and science researchers, WABSI developed and led the successful bid for a…

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Updates February 3, 2020

Mine closure rehabilitation conditions: a review

A new report published today by The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) reveals that mine closure “rehabilitation conditions are often seen as aspirational objectives or performance management tools rather than achievable targets.” The report, “A review of mine rehabilitation condition setting in Western Australia” is the culmination of a research project that collected and…

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News November 20, 2019

CRC-TiME Stage 2 completed

Following an interview on 14th November in Canberra with the CRC Advisory Committee, all stages of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) application process have now been completed. It is anticipated the final outcomes of the bid process will be announced in December 2019. Should the bid for a CRC for Transformation in Mining Economies (CRC-TiME)…

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Reports October 28, 2019

Digitally Transforming Environmental Assessment

Report of the Digital Environmental Impact Assessment Working Group The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute and the Western Australian Marine Science Institution have been working together to enhance access, aggregation, interpretation and management of biodiversity information collected in Western Australia. In collaboration with industry, government and researchers, both organisations have led the Secretariat to produce…

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News October 14, 2019

New standards support successful mine closure

Excerpt from Resource and Environmental Regulation Group Update, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), published online October 2019 ‘A framework for developing mine-site completion criteria in Western Australia’ has been released as a tool to assist mine operators with the development of acceptable completion criteria within a mine closure plan. The Western Australian…

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Framework to aid mine site completion

Excerpt taken from Quarry, written by Myles Hume, published online 30 September 2019 Western Australian quarrying and mining companies now have access to a new set of guidelines designed to lift standards related to successful mine site rehabilitation. The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) has published a new report – A framework for developing…

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Updates September 25, 2019

CRC-TiME progresses to stage 2

Bid is now shortlisted for stage 2 Submissions for the next stage are due in four weeks Final outcome of the CRC will be announced in December 2019 The proposed CRC for Transformation in Mining Economies (CRC-TiME) will drive transformational change and enable regions and communities to transition to a prosperous and sustainable post mine…

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Updates August 19, 2019

Successful mine closure for better environmental outcomes

New Completion Criteria Framework improves understanding of successful mine closure The first report of its kind in Australia Improves an understanding of how to define and measure mine completion criteria Endorsed by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Contributes to better social and environmental outcomes Click here to access the full project report…

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News August 8, 2019

IBSA on ALA’s data collection tool BioCollect

Excerpt taken from Atlas of Living Australia, June 2019 “ALA helps improve environmental impact assessments in Western Australia”Click here to view full article The IBSA solution Led by the WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the WA Environmental Protection Authority and the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, in collaboration with the…

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Australian Digital Council Report: Case study IBSA

Excerpt taken from report: State of the Data and Digital Nation, April 2019, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Click here to view the full report CASE STUDY WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Index of biodiversity surveys for assessments The first of its kind nationally, Western Australia has implemented the Index of Biodiversity Surveys for Assessments (IBSA)….

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