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March 25, 2022

Biodiversity data: Our digital journey – Enabling trust, efficiency and confidence

Late last year WABSI and WAMSI consulted with more than 50 stakeholders regarding the need for innovation in how we inform decisions affecting our environment and economy. Consistent feedback indicated:

  • An increasing expectation among industry stakeholders, governments, traditional owners and the wider community that the information used in decision-making needs to be more comprehensive, transparent and assured.  
  • Each new decision that might impact on our environment must be better placed in a context of the cumulative impacts of previous and foreseeable developments, and a sound and contemporary characterisation of its current state.

WABSI and WAMSI are now leading a proposal to establish a Shared Environmental Analytics Facility by scoping a prospectus and approach for shared analytics initially for the Pilbara (WABSI) and Cockburn Sound and Owen Anchorage (WAMSI). The development is being supported by Microsoft, PwC and other partners.

Leveraging successful initiatives in data sharing and curation (IBSA, IMSA, BIO) and existing services and capabilities across corporate, government and science sectors through a shared analytic framework (SAFE), such a facility could deliver more efficient, complete, robust, transparent and assured environmental accounting, risk assessment and ESG reporting for regulators, private industry, traditional owners and the wider public.

View: A Guide to a shared analytic framework for the environment (SAFE)

View: Digitally Transforming Environmental Assessment


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