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Bee-ing sustainable

December 2017

The bee industry in Western Australia relies on the presence of native flora in the Southwest Australian floristic region and access to flowering p

Tapping the power of science to help restore mine sites

November 2017

At a recent workshop, WABSI helped participants to explore the possibility of establishing a Centre for Research Collaboration (CRC) that, if estab

Mine site closure: addressing the environmental challenges 

November 2017

WABSI has helped enable a new project to develop site‐specific completion criteria for projects that require mine site rehabilitation. 

Winner of 2018 WABSI scholarship

November 2017

UWA researcher Bronte Van Helden has been announced as the winner of the WABSI 2018 scholarship.

Murdoch University with Kings Park Science, South 32 and WABSI: top up scholarship

September 2017

Restoration and resilience: Community re-assembly under climate change and increased fire

Finding value in abandoned mine shafts 

September 2017

When valuing abandoned mine sites, the potential historical, cultural, social, environmental, educational or economic value of an abandoned mine si

South-West agricultural land: how do we achieve at-scale restoration?

September 2017

Key industry stakeholders gathered at Muresk this month for a workshop run by WABSI.

Independent science to help inform post-mining rehabilitation

September 2017

In an exciting landmark project, The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI), is bringing together resource companies, researcher

WABSI PhD top-up scholarship 2018

August 2017

We are seeking a PhD student who can make a positive contribution to the increased understanding of Western Australia’s biodiversity, in line with