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Biodiversity data

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Enabling the creation of an information asset for WA: helping to inform policy, planning and regulatory decisions

Biodiversity is a natural capital asset with immense economic significance for Western Australia.

To ensure it is managed over time, we need to have information about the asset to inform policies, regulations, and on-ground management.

WABSI is enabling the development of a consolidated, curated, and accessible repository of information that will become an appreciating and strategic State asset.

Capitalising on existing investment in data collection by capturing it for reuse

Many businesses, government agencies and community groups routinely collect information about the environment and its biodiversity. Capturing and sharing this data makes best use of existing effort, providing a cost-effective and efficient way of maintaining data currency over time.

Better assessment of environmental change and its impact on biodiversity

Assessing change in the natural environment requires sound baseline data. Establishing an aggregated database of biodiversity information will help the State make meaningful assessment of impacts on biodiversity from climate change and incremental human development. Such data does not currently exist in a way it can be used.

Delivering greater investor confidence and certainty through increased regulatory transparency

Aggregated and publicly accessible biodiversity baseline data will assist proponents and regulators in the environmental impact assessment process. Accessibility of base data guiding environmental decisions will make the process more transparent, and build confidence and certainty in the process.

Contributing to efficiencies in strategic, regional and local planning

Increasingly regional and local planning, including Strategic Assessments under the EPBC Act, includes biodiversity as a significant planning component of critical economic and social importance. An aggregated baseline of biodiversity data will make this process more efficient, transparent, and effective.

Enhancing the relevance and efficiencies of biodiversity research

Research will benefit from having aggregated baseline biodiversity information. The result will be better guidance to inform policy, regulation, and environmental management actions.

Supporting national and international frameworks

Australia is building a solid and comprehensive network of biodiversity information, which contributes to the global biodiversity information network. Aggregated information at a state level will allow Western Australia to provide quality data into the national and international frameworks.

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