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September 4, 2017

Independent science to help inform post-mining rehabilitation

In an exciting landmark project, The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI), is bringing together resource companies, researchers and regulators to help develop knowledge that will improve the outcomes from post-mining rehabilitation across Western Australia.

The project will review state and international research on the physical and biological aspects of completion criteria, which are standards that demonstrate the successful closure of mine sites. It will develop an independent, science-based framework to recommend further development of completion criteria for more informed policy decisions and ultimately the better management of mine sites.

“The project will be guided by industry and researchers to specifically fill the gap that was identified in our consultation with stakeholders,” Dr Guy Boggs, Program Director at WABSI said.

“In addition to providing clarity to industry about rehabilitation expectations, it will enhance biodiversity outcomes through better environmental management and understanding where future research should be focused.”

WABSI is a collaboration of ten leading research organisations and helps address knowledge gaps to enhance the balance between improved biodiversity outcomes and sustainable development.

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