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June 19, 2023

WABSI in world first: Natural capital accounting for the mining sector – BHP Beenup Site Pilot Case Study 

Natural capital accounts are a way to measure the amount, condition and value of environmental assets, helping to describe changes in ecosystems and how they could impact wellbeing and economies. 

WABSI, as a member of BHP’s Technical Advisory Team for the Beenup Site Pilot Case Study, played a key role in a study at BHP’s closed and rehabilitated Beenup Mineral Sands site in southern Western Australia.

The project provided an invaluable perspective on the outcomes for nature associated with changing land use regimes: from agriculture to mining to the restored ecosystems of today that provide habitat for a range of threatened species and communities. 

This work is  a world first; an important contribution to developing natural capital accounting for the mining industry, demonstrating how industry could better integrate  environmental and business reporting in a way that makes clear the impacts and dependencies on the environment. The efforts are in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To access the report, click here: Beenup Site Pilot Case Study Report

Beenup Site Pilot Case Study (Image courtesy BHP)

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