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November 28, 2017

Winner of 2018 WABSI scholarship

UWA researcher Bronte Van Helden has been announced as the winner of the WABSI 2018 scholarship. Driven by the needs of end users, Bronte’s research will have important management applications and will assist with urban planning and conservation of animal wildlife such as western ringtail possums and quendas in urban landscapes.

Urbanisation is widely recognised as one of the world’s major contemporary threats to biodiversity. In Australia, the proportion of species exposed to urbanised areas and associated threats is increasing. While we know that remnant bushland in urban landscapes is critical for biodiversity, we know little about the role that other urban environment components play in supporting animal biodiversity.

Bronte’s research will help address W.A.’s priorities as set out in the WABSI Research Plan and improve our collective understanding of threatened species distribution in these urban landscapes, as well as how we can better manage these areas to conserve fauna and mitigate threats.

Our thanks to all the applicants and to the judging panel and we we wish Bronte all the best in her research journey with WABSI.

An official presentation ceremony will be held early next year.

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