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June 11, 2024

Webinar: Big ideas and inspiring careers

A National Science Week event (Ideal for senior high school students, undergraduate and postgraduate students eager to explore impactful career opportunities)

Make an impact with a career in biodiversity science

Friday 16th August 2024

12.30pm -1.30pm (Australian Western Standard Time)

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A unique opportunity to connect with and learn from exceptional women who are addressing some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

Our panellists are carving diverse and remarkable paths in the fields of wildlife biology, conservation, science communication and marine biology. At this event, they. will share their career journey and the innovative approaches they are taking to develop successful and meaningful careers.
Join us and be inspired! Learn about how you can build an exciting career to help protect our natural environment.

  • Big ideas in action: Hear about ideas and initiatives that are driving
    significant advancements in biodiversity conservation.
  • Inspiring career stories: Discover diverse career pathways and learn about
    the many opportunities in biodiversity science.
  • Making an impact: Understand how you can contribute to meaningful
    change through a career in biodiversity science.

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