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August 16, 2021

WABSI webinar: The economic costs of biological invasions in the world and Australia

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Thursday 21st October 2021
4.00pm – 5.30pm (Australian Western Standard Time)

Invasive plants in Australia are currently among the greatest threats to native biological diversity and a significant cost to agriculture. The economic impact on agriculture alone is estimated at in excess of $4 billion per year and the impact on the environment, while unquantified, is regarded as significant.

This webinar highlights international research that contributes to measuring the economic costs of invasive species, to enable a better public understanding about the impacts and to drive improved management efforts that are evidence-based and data driven.

Launch of a new strategic research program for Western Australia: Addressing Weed Threats to Biodiversity

Over the past few months, The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute has brought together industry, regulators, researchers and the community to recognise the importance of mitigating weed impacts and to identify priority knowledge gaps. The result is a collaborative research program that will help guide prioritised investment to most effectively mitigate outcomes and better conserve biodiversity in Western Australia.

Join us to gain an international perspective and to help launch our end user led research program Addressing Weed Threats to Biodiversity.

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