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Dr Ian Cresswell appointed as Chair and WABSI welcomes new Directors

Research Articles December 4, 2019

Acceptable erosion rates for mine waste landform rehabilitation modelling in the Pilbara, Western Australia

Abstract : A major concern for rehabilitation and closure of waste landforms on mine sites is their long-term erosion stability. In Western Australia, regulators are requesting landforms remain ‘stable’ for hundreds of years or the ‘long-term’. Therefore, assessing a landform’s potential long-term erosion stability requires the use of erosion and/or landform evolution models and defensible erosion thresholds below which rehabilitation landform designs are considered acceptably erosion resistant or ‘stable’.

Reports October 28, 2019

Digitally Transforming Environmental Assessment

Report of the Digital Environmental Impact Assessment Working Group: The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute and the Western Australian Marine Science Institution have been working together to enhance access, aggregation, interpretation and management of biodiversity information collected in Western Australia. In collaboration with industry, government and researchers, both organisations have led the Secretariat to produce this report.


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