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The Quarry Life Award

August 2017

Boost biodiversity with your idea - nature will be the biggest winner!

Supporting mine site research

June 2017

A new partnership has triggered the process for researchers and industry to work together and map the way forward for restoration research on Bande

Beautiful Banksia woodlands

June 2017

“The book synthesises more than 20 years of knowledge and is a great example of how industry-scientific partnerships can deliver leading solutions.

Conserving wetlands: what don’t we know about the drying South West?

June 2017

Author: Dr Ashley Sparrow, Node Leader, Processes and Threat Mitigation

End user questions shape future of subterranean fauna research

June 2017

When users of subterranean fauna information including resource organisations and regulators came together at a recent workshop hosted by WABSI, th

Restoring Roe 8

June 2017

WABSI will enable the delivery of independent science in its new role with the Roe 8 Science Advisory Group.

Increasing the efficiency of biodiversity surveys

March 2017

Author: Dr Lesley Gibson, Node Leader, Biodiversity Survey

Building and sharing biodiversity data

March 2017

Author: Chris Gentle, Node Leader, Biodiversity Information Management