Engaging with WABSI

Why engage with WABSI?

We provide you with an extra, FREE resource and can assist you to source project partners and develop funding applications. Whilst we are still relatively new, our Program Directors have been supporting the research community in several ways.

More and more researchers are taking advantage of our free and accessible service. WABSI’s Collaboration Leverage and Integration Committee (our research committee) helps us develop the projects for your consideration.


How can you maximise funding pathways?

Projects align directly with the Western Australia’s biodiversity science priorities, as recognised in the WABSI Research Plan. This plan, and our investment in other strategic planning activity, is likely to be increasingly referred to in future research investment that supports biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. 

We have made strong progress; industry participants are actively looking to work with WABSI as the “go to” organisation for their biodiversity science needs.  For them, this means access to the best scientists as they work through their needs.

For you, this means an established network of project partners and an improved understanding of their priorities and maximising opportunities for project funding.


What does this mean for you? 

We can support you in many ways to help build projects: 

  • Develop industry networks:  We have successfully brought industry to researchers, especially those organisations who want to engage more broadly on several different projects. WABSI enables researchers to further develop their proposals and to get participation from industry.  
  • Develop researcher networks: WABSI brings together scientists from Western Australia’s eight leading research providers – we provide a mechanism to support you to identify and engage with researchers across different institutions and disciplines. WABSI supports new research partnerships that will strengthen your proposal.
  • Contribute funds and in-kind support to your project: WABSI has been recognised as a Partner Investigator organisation and with some discretionary funds can contribute leveraging funding to your proposed project as well as recognised in-kind support. WABSI partnership actively improves the competitiveness of your application.
  • Communicate research findings:  We have funded and hosted workshops to help communicate project findings that have consequently enabled further development of proposals. WABSI can create value for researchers by helping to reach to a wider audience, leading to new and stronger partnerships.
  • Bring new proponents into projects: We have assisted several agencies to bring in other stakeholders, including other researchers. WABSI can help strengthen projects by adding key expertise that we can access through our networks. 
  • Communications strategy: We have been invited to develop communication strategies for several projects. WABSI can help you better engage with your project stakeholders.
  • Adoption:  We can help develop adoption strategies to incorporate into projects. WABSI can help articulate the relevance and value of your research to end users.
  • Aboriginal engagement: WABSI is currently developing Aboriginal engagement protocols that we can make available to you once complete.
  • Help develop a business case: We are currently developing business cases for a number of research projects that can help strengthen the case for funding.  
  • Targeted research support: We have also funded and committed to fund, small-scale research projects and targeted symposiums’ we’ve also brought in report writing expertise to support future project development.  

Talk to us, explore ideas and ask us how we can support you.